The game of cricket originated in England in late 16th century and spread to all British occupied countries which are now known as Commonwealth countries. It is now a popular international sport played in different formats. The oldest version of the game is the 5 day test matches followed by the shorter versions – the One Day Internationals or ODI’s and the latest Twenty Twenty’s (T20’s). Though the game originated in England, it has found the most popularity in the Indian Subcontinent consisting of India, Pakistan, Srilanka and Bangladesh. In India, cricket is more than a sport. It is a religion, and cricket stars are equated to demi-gods with huge fan following. Traditionally, India and Pakistan are the biggest arch rivals in the game and as such a match between the two nations is inadvertently an unofficial National Holiday in both the countries.

In UAE, the game has grown in popularity thanks to the expatriate community. The UAE has now got an International team which plays with other Cricketing countries in major tournaments. Cricket in UAE has also manifested into another popular version – Indoor Cricket. This is a scaled down version of International Cricket with rules modified to suit Indoor Playing. But, for all die-hard cricket lovers, the true spirit of the game lies in an outdoor game. The cool weather prevailing in UAE during October to March every year, favours the cricketing season and it renders most, if not all open areas and empty parking lots as makeshift cricket grounds.

For the more professional league players, there is no dearth of school, university or private sports academy grounds which are in high demand and offered on full day, half day, weekly, monthly and annual packages. Indoor cricket stadiums are also available for groups and corporate bookings at venues like the Insportz Club in Al Quoz, Dubai.

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by Thomas Mathew